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你好!我們想邀請您參加 12 月舉行的 YESPORTS WORLD EXTRAVAGANZA (。
如果您還沒有聽說過 Yesports,它是一個全球 O2O 中心,供人才結識和聯繫國際雇主和讚助商,以獲得無限的職業和商業機會。在過去的一年裡,Yesports舉辦了Yesports Dance Battle、Yesports Superstar Carnival、Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta和Yesports International Virtual Music Fiesta等在線舞蹈對戰、才藝表演和音樂比賽。
在我們 9 月的Yesports Dance Battle中,我們的 Facebook、YouTube 和 Twitch 直播吸引了來自 11 個國家/地區的超過 15,917,000 人的社交媒體覆蓋面。

YESPORTS WORLD EXTRAVAGANZA 是一個歡迎來自世界各地的所有人才加入的節目。才藝表演的參與者將能夠
- 獲得全球曝光並找到新的粉絲。
- 與國際雇主和讚助商會面並建立聯繫,以獲得無限的職業和商業機會。
- 表演作品將出現在 WATT Lab 平台上,並通過銷售其作品獲利。

1. 藝術
2. 攝影
3. 表演藝術(音樂、舞蹈、魔術)
4. 運動
5. 電子競技


世界超級巨星冠軍(每個類別 1 名獲勝者)——最高社交媒體參與度 (于本平臺的like, comment and share):每人 100 美元
世界新進巨星(1 位獲獎者)——直播觀眾人數最多:100 美元

1. 報名參加 Yesports World Extravaganza:
2. 將您的數字條目提交至:
3. 參賽者可提交照片或視頻(最長5分鐘),並提供不超過500字的對您和您的參賽作品的描述。



Hi there! We would like to invite you to perform at the YESPORTS WORLD EXTRAVAGANZA ( taking place in December.
In case you have not heard of Yesports, which is a global O2O hub for talents to meet and connect to international employers and sponsors for unlimited career and business opportunities. Yesports has been hosting online dance battle, talent show and music competitions such as Yesports Dance Battle, Yesports Superstar Carnival, Yesports Summer International Virtual Music Fiesta and Yesports International Virtual Music Fiesta in the past year.
In our September dance battle show, we had a streaming reach of over 15,917,000 people from over 11 countries to our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch live stream.

YESPORTS WORLD EXTRAVAGANZA is a show where all talents from all over the globe are welcomed to join. Participants of the talent show will be able to
- gain worldwide exposure and find new fans.
- meet and connect to international employers and sponsors for unlimited career and business opportunities.
- performance piece will be featured on WATT Lab platform and earn money through the sales of their pieces.

The talent show will be divided into 5 categories with a total of 6 prizes.
1. Art
2. Photography
3. Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Magic)
4. Sports
5. Esports

Awards :

World Superstar Champion (1 winner from each category) – highest social media engagements: $100 USD each
World Rising Superstar (1 winner) – highest number of viewers: $100 USD

How to join the talent show:
1. Sign up to join Yesports World Extravaganza:
2. Submit your digital entry to:
3. Participants can submit photos or videos (maximum 5 minutes) and provide a description of you and your entry of no more than 500 words.

Please let us know if you have any questions. If you need assistance in any step of the sign up process, please also feel free to contact us at:
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