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Citizen Sleeper is like Blade Runner, but you're a replicant. A synthetic being who has escaped from the corporation that built you, you hide on a space station that's become a rogue state—home to revolutionaries, refugees, and a pirate gang. While you're worrying whether you'll be hunted down and dramatically shot in the back, you're also worried about day-to-day survival.

Citizen Sleeper is great at encouraging you to live a routine. Where in Cyberpunk 2077 I only went to bed if I was trying to trigger a sidequest, here I lived a day-to-day cycle that included sleeping, eating, working, and feeding a stray cat. Some of it was mechanically necessary, and some of it was pure roleplay.

Each morning, your synthflesh body wakes up and a pool of dice are rolled, each of which you can spend performing an action. The higher the number, the better you'll do. I might spend a 6 on a job where I help a local mechanic clear a ship's tangled sunsails, but I didn't roll anything else higher than a 4 so I'll probably do a mediocre job clearing the section of the overgrown Greenway where I want to set up a mushroom farm.

Lower numbers aren't useless, as there's another side to the station. In the data cloud, where your consciousness floats free of the synthmeat that needs to eat and sleep, you hack systems by spending dice—only here it's about matching numbers rather than having high ones. I can spend a 1 seeing what this agent of the Yatagan gang is up to, or I could duck out of the data cloud and spend it working a shift at the noodle place, where even if I do a bad job at least I'll be allowed to eat a few noodles and get back some energy.
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