Razer rows back after Zephyr face mask safety rating confusion

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Razer rows back after Zephyr face mask safety rating confusion

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Thanks to Covid-19, and its latest Omicron evolution, staying safe right now is at the forefront of everyone's minds. As the high risk and the immune-compromised reach for heavier grade protective equipment, safety-minded tech YouTuber, Naomi Wu, noticed something thought potentially misleading in Razers description of its Zephyr face mask.

Naomi Wu recently called Razer out over mentions of the masks N95 designation in much of its marketing material, OnMSFT notes. Wu deemed that the ads could be easily misconstrued, leading people to believe these are medical grade respirators.

This is a worrying concept for high risk individuals as the Razer Zephyr is not a fully N95-rated face mask; it has not gained an official NIOSH certification to prove that it provides full, medical grade protection against Covid-19. Razer has itself said all along the Zephyr is not a piece of medical grade PPE, but the mask does come with N95 grade respirator filters, which the company seems to hang a lot of its marketing around.
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