CES 2022 attendee photographs every weird use of 'metaverse'

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CES 2022 attendee photographs every weird use of 'metaverse'

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"One of my oldest friends recently told me that from now on I’d be his ‘Metaverse Guy’. This was horrifying to me because despite hearing people say ‘like the metaverse’ for years, I still had no idea what exactly it meant in the real world. One trip to CES made it super clear to me: it doesn’t mean anything. It’s an empty buzzword that can mean anything the marketer wants."

That's what Nima Zeighami tells me following his enormous Twitter thread photographing every mention of the word 'metaverse' at CES 2022. He travelled to the major tech show this year to meet people, experience the latest tech, and help with his role of technical product manager for immersive products—focusing in AR/AR/Lightfield tech—and what he found was a whole lot of 'metaverses'.

MCity doesn't sound as fun as it should, though. First you've got to go through land registration, then what, virtual tax? A virtual economic collapse? No, couldn't happen.

So what does a metaverse boil down to, ultimately? I've visited a music festival in VR, a social event with areas to explore and a shared social experience, and I've massively enjoyed it, too. Clearly there is far more to do in VR and AR than just gaming, and social applications are a good use of the tech. But do these have to be labelled as a metaverse? Is VR Chat a metaverse? Is Second Life a metaverse? Do we need the term metaverse at all, or were we getting along just fine before it was ever popularised with terms such as 'VR', 'AR', and 'the Internet'?
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